Bug Fixes

  • Material Browser: Reload

    Fixed an issue where an error message occured when there was a non-geometry object in the scene while reloading the browser.

  • Material Picker: Pick Material

    Fixed an issue where an error message occured when picking from objects with empty material slots.


New Features

  • Material Property Popup

    You can now open a popup with all material properties when holding SHIFT while picking. Find out more here.

  • Material Browser: New filter

    You can now filter materials by objects, collections, and their source. Find out more here.

  • Material Browser: Rename menu

    You can now rename materials by replacing specificed characters with new ones. Find out more here.

Bug Fixes

  • Linked Materials: Show Local

    Linked materials can now be shown locally every time, no matter how they are attached to the object.

  • Linked Materials: Load File

    Fixed a rare issue where the workspace automatically switched to ‘Shading’ when opening a file.


New Features

  • Material Browser There is now a material browser available in the Sidebar of the Shader Editor. Find out more here.


Bug Fixes

  • Load linked File

    Fixed an issue where the material got not automatically selected on loading a linked file.

  • Library override Objects

    Material Picker now works with library override objects as expected.


Initial Release